Pursuing further possibilities of fireworks


Comprehensive productions that merge fireworks with a wide variety of performances

Japan has a proud traditional culture of fireworks, and this new generation of comprehensive fireworks productions intricately mesh with a wide variety of performances.
We offer a fresh, new form of entertainment.

Fireworks Performance


Hirayama Hideo

Fireworks director

Hirayama Hideo

平山 英雄

Since entering the prestigious Japanese fireworks company Beniya Aoki Fireworks Co., Ltd., I have directed a number of fireworks displays synchronized to music. My work has received the Prime Minister's Award and been featured in famous fireworks events around the country, and I have also performed at international fireworks and music competitions, my subtle yet elaborate fireworks displays earning high marks nationally and internationally.
H2 Show Design Associates was established in 2020 in pursuit of the greater potential of fireworks entertainments. Working with top level Japanese fireworks creators and pyrotechnicians, we endeavor to create new entertainments using fireworks.

Corporate Profile

Corporate name H2 Show Design Associates LLC
Establishment April 1, 2020
Address 1855 Amori Sashide, Nagano, Nagano, Japan
Contact +81-80-3316-3318
Representative Hirayama Hideo
  • Consulting for, planning, staging, producing, and designing events and seminars nationally and internationally
  • Developing machinery and technology for fireworks displays
  • Selling machinery for fireworks displays